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Segmenting the ‘Internet of Things’ Market

The Internet of Things, or ‘IoT’ encompasses a market worth over $760bn today and growing to more than $1,300bn in 5 years*, encompassing all connected devices from smartphones and mobility through automotive, industrial and everything in-between. This isn’t one single homogenous market, and it’s helpful to view the key segments

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Network 101 – Sigfox

In the first of our series on network technology, we look at Sigfox- an international, low-power, wide area network (LPWAN) for IoT devices. Headquartered in France, Sigfox is one of the first ‘Telco’ offerings for LPWAN. The company operates national public networks, delivering wide coverage. This means that as a user you

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10 key questions to answer when embarking on IoT deployments

Enterprises must embrace Internet of Things (‘IoT’) solutions to  become more operationally effective. Never has this statement been so true in the post Covid-19 environment.  Operating budgets are tightening, and more regulations will be in place around the working environment. The market currently offers a range of product and solutions:

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