IoT Questions

Enterprises must embrace Internet of Things (‘IoT’) solutions to  become more operationally effective.

Never has this statement been so true in the post Covid-19 environment.  Operating budgets are tightening, and more regulations will be in place around the working environment.

The market currently offers a range of product and solutions: from pure hardware, to fully integrated solutions including network, data storage and application. Some go beyond this and offer a suite of solutions working through a single gateway.  This array of approaches tends to be confusing and expertise is required to help guide through the decision making process.

Here are 10 key questions to provide some structure in decision making around IoT services, making sure that the solution is right today and does not lead to longer term challenges.

  1. Which processes are in the business that could be improved using data, and what is it specifically that can be enhanced or automated?
  2. What is the current costs of operating these processes?
  3. How accessible are these cost savings – outsourced contractor renegotiations, internal resource reallocation?
  4. Is the business case bought into by all the stakeholders who have actions to deliver both pre and post trial to full deployment?
  5. How will the device be installed and maintained?
  6. Is the service geographically spread and therefore will there be a need for multiple networks?
  7. What size of data payload will the application require to work and how frequently will it be requested?
  8. Where will the data be stored and in what state?
  9. What happens if suppliers change in the future due to cost, capability, or other?
  10. Does this fit with our corporate environmental policy?

There is plenty of detail behind each of these questions to be formed in the answer and it is of no great surprise that the IoT market has some highly capable solutions providers with domain expertise in helping clients through this process and realise the potential of IoT driven services.

Daizy is working with solution providers and consultants alike and would be happy to provide more information on how to achieve your business improvement targets using IoT enabled services.  Please get in touch for more information