Quickly Experiment and Scale your Internet of Things Solutions with the Daizy Platform

Daizy simplifies the process of designing, testing and rolling out IoT solutions.  An open platform bringing your data together in one place for visualisation, monitoring and data analytics applications.

The most consumable IoT platform for your business

An increasing number of low-power, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices are arriving on the market. These devices are used to sense, measure and communicate all types of data at scale. With this diversity comes complexity. Daizy simplifies the process of designing, testing and rolling out high volume IoT applications.

We make IoT accessible to anyone
The Daizy platform lets you manage your devices and quickly provision network access. You get a single unified view of your data for visualisation, monitoring and sensor fusion applications.
We believe in an open IoT
Daizy is open to all devices, on any network and for any application. Data too often becomes siloed in device-specific cloud services. With Daizy its all in one place and under your control.
Full device life cycle management
Select the best devices for your project and effortlessly install them using the Daizy Mobile App. Continue to monitor all your devices and ensure they are responsibly handled at the end of life.

Four Steps To Value

Work with a Daizy solutions expert to explore how to simplify the deployment of IoT solutions

Research and select from more than 1,000 IoT devices in the Daizy product directory. Create your own catalogue of devices for your solution or organisation.
Sensor Fusion Platform
Scan-and-click within the Daizy Mobile App to position devices. With automatic network provisioning and testing behind the scenes, you get rapid time to value
Create projects and place devices. Manage your device inventory. When you publish your project, Daizy automatically creates the tasks for your installers with full instructions.
Visualise your data quickly, build logic to monitor and alert for certain events, publish the data to your applications or select from the existing solutions marketplace.

Unleash the potential of your data

The Daizy platform allows organisations to discover and leverage previously hidden data, informed by the emergence of IoT sensor technology. Demystify your data and speak with our solutions specialist to identify your use case and value illustration.


Don’t just take our word, hear what others have to say about Daizy

Martin Hancock

“Many housing associations are discussing the potential benefits of the Internet of Things to monitor their properties but few have the technical capability to do this at scale. Working with Daizy we saw an immediate opportunity to improve the living environment for our customers whilst reducing our costs in maintenance and repair. As this is such a new field we’re already getting interest from other housing associations to learn more about the work we’re doing”.
“We also see this data and technologies as having significant potential to help our Customers in our Supported Housing services to receive a more person centred service as well as even greater safety and security in their homes.”.

Programme Manager
Iona Tovey

"We opted to work with Daizy as they offered a wrap around solution and were also keen to remain flexible in order to evolve the project over time."

"The platform we adopted with Daizy has allowed us to fuse different sensor data into one environment which has provided the baseline data we required as well as enabled comprehensive reporting that has aided project decisions and will provide the programme impact evidence in the coming years."

Managing Director
Nairn Harrison

"The team at Daizy have helped us understand the requirements of smart device management, detailing the process and shaping our approach. With the use of its platform to ultimately allow for seamless integration of commercial sites. With their understanding of new and emerging technology around low bandwidth hardware such as Sigfox and Lora, complete backend management and future on boarding of devices for our end users they are helping us build an “all in one” solution to hopefully transform our customer user experience in the commercial marketplace. They are open to use case scenarios in developing any application and have an excellent understanding of wide-ranging applications."