Our Value Chain

DAiZY provides a single solution allowing users to easily select, manage and deploy their IoT devices in both a web and app based platform.


Secure credential passporting and device certification tools to ensure the integrity of the network and pre-provisioning visibility.


Multi-barer device readiness and provisioning tools to validate solution compatibility post-production; coupled with post-sales self help tools, firmware updates and device state visibility to ensure seamless functionality.

Value Added Reseller

Extensive solutions catalogue of network ready, DAiZY enabled devices. Direct feedback loop with end users and manufacturing community


Simple App to manage deployment workflows, device updates and one click commissioning.


RESTful APIs for rapid and easy integration with existing systems to provide stunning, real time reporting and visualisations for your clients.

End User

Connected and coherent supply chain that simplifies device commissioning, with an unrivalled DAiZY Guaranteed customer experience that preforms in a rapid time to value environment.

The Product


Fabric seamlessly inegrates IoT development, pre-sales and deployment processes for manufacturers, improving the IoT customer experience.


Compose simplifies device commissioning and management, reducing the cost and complexity that currently inhibit the scaling of IoT solutions.

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