The Benefits – the Daizy IoT management platform in use

IoT Management Platform Bournemouth Beach

BCP Council rolls out occupancy measurement along 12 miles of beach using the Daizy IoT Platform

An innovative solution was required to provide coverage and corresponding occupancy data along the full length of the beach, particularly where no fixed infrastructure existed.
The Council turned to the ‘Internet of Things’ – selecting low-power sensors which measure local beach occupancy and feedback data in real time using the Vodafone NB-IoT network.

What makes Daizy unique?

Platform for managing IoT projects


Daizy is open to all device manufacturers, networking standards and applications. IoT deployments need a variety of providers to implement solutions that work, and our platform makes that process possible. Daizy is the open platform for managing IoT projects.

Platform for managing IoT projects

End to end

The Daizy platform makes full lifecyle management of IoT devices possible. From initial selection and stock control through installation, in-life management, and end of life disposal.

Daizy enables the management of network subscriptions and data assets to ensure data is reliably communicated, contextualised, and securely published.

Platform for managing IoT projects

Super consumable

The Daizy app provides an intuitive interface for new devices to be deployed. Data connections are verified in real time while the installer is on-site and published to the client’s management system automatically.

Daizy makes it easy for anyone in the value chain to make use of IoT and gain insights from the data produced.  Minimal training is required to design, deploy, and operate IoT projects.

Daizy takes care of every aspect of the IoT project. It takes away the need for clients to tackle complex research and steep learning curves and gives them all the benefits of IoT – invaluable data and flexible device management.

Why do Solution Providers like Daizy?

IoT Management Platform, IoT Deployment, Management, NBIoT platform, Sigfox Platform, LoRa Platform, Enterprise IoT

Time to Market

  • Provides a simple standards-based approach
  • Integrates with existing building and IoT management systems
  • Integration with third party workforce management platforms
  • Removes complexity, allowing the business to focus on core expertise
IoT Management Platform


  • Economies of scale through PaaS pricing
  • Per device fee scales with rollout of value to end client
  • Low upfront investment
  • Use existing resources to deploy 
IoT Management Platform


  • One approach to all deployments
  • Scaling pricing model
IoT Management Platform, IoT Deployment, Management, NBIoT platform, Sigfox Platform, LoRa Platform, Enterprise IoT


  • Introduces recurring revenue opportunity
  • Provides new features to existing platforms
  • Creates closer relationships
  • Future proof – new devices and technology constantly adopted and integrated into the existing Daizy client interface