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IoT Device Management - Any device

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Any Connectivity

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Your IoT Data


A single Platform for IoT Device Management

The Daizy system provides an intuitive platform for IoT device management for your IoT projects and delivers data directly to any existing or future business systems. Daizy enables rapid scaling by reducing time to market, while minimising cost, improving flexibility and maintaining security.

IoT Device Management - Suite of easy to use tools

A suite of easy-to-use tools and apps to design, install, configure, operate and analyse your IoT projects.

IoT Device Management - All your data in one place

All your data in one place under your control with flexible integrations and powerful publishing rules.

IoT Device Management - Experiment quickly and scale

Experiment quickly and scale effortlessly with a single framework for IoT.


Solve Real IoT Challenges

The interoperable nature of the Daizy solution allows for the deployment of devices and connectivity most appropriate for your use-cases, without the constraints commonly associated with a single vertical solution:

Remove coverage and connectivity issues
Support for all connectivity technology including NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox, commercial and private LoRaWAN networks. Learn more

Ensure compatibility for current and future IoT devices
Select the most appropriate hardware, while providing for ‘mix and match’ hardware procurement to suit budget, availability and the blend of legacy and future devices. Explore our device catalogue

Unlock transparent data driven decision making
Seamless, futureproofed, non-siloed integrations with your infrastructure management, business intelligence and support systems. Learn more

IoT Device Management


Efficient IoT Deployment Management 

Many IoT solutions are designed to solve a single use-case. As the number of use-cases increases, so does the number of IoT solutions, which drives up the cost and complexity of sensor driven projects. Worse still this vertical approach can reduce ROI and introduce long term dependencies that could be difficult to unpick as new innovations become available.

Daizy removes these challenges by providing a single platform for IoT device management to manage all aspects of your IoT deployments:


Design & prototype IoT projects
Prototype your solution quickly at low cost and move quickly to build scaled rollouts through a single environment.

Project Manage IoT installations
Provide an intuitive mobile app for on-site installers to deploy devices and verify data connections. Assign work items in the Daizy cloud platform or via an integration with your workforce management system.

Connect IoT devices & manage connectivity subscriptions
Manage the full lifecycle of devices and connectivity subscriptions, regardless of the provider.

IoT configuration management
Decide how each device should be configured and send configuration settings over the air (OTA) to the device at point of installation.

IoT data normalisation & delivery
Deliver IoT data to your applications, analytics platforms and business software in real-time, contextualised with project specific

Manage IoT equipment
Monitor equipment in life, with fault alerting, configuration management and repair tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions

As the number of connected devices and applications grows, so does the potential overhead in management your IoT infrastructure. Best in class IoT management platforms have the capabilities required to simplify all aspects of IoT project management, reducing cost, improving effectiveness and driving an increased ROI on your investment.

An IoT device management platform facilitates the full lifecycle management of IoT devices, from initial installation through to maintenance and replacement. Unfortunately, many IoT device management platforms only support a single device manufacturer (or a few at best), and device connectivity must be managed elsewhere. By supporting all devices and connectivity types, the Daizy platform removes the complexity using multiple IoT device management platforms across your projects.

Device Management: Managing the full-lifecycle of IoT devices from installation through in life monitoring and alerting to end of life replacement. 
Connectivity Management: Setting up connectivity for IoT devices and ongoing management of connectivity subscriptions. 
Effective data capture: Capturing sensing data from IoT devices in a format that allows for easy ingestion into your applications, analytics platforms and other business systems. 
Integrations: APIs and easy integrations with associated systems such as analytics tools, custom applications and business management tools. 

IoT configuration management is the process of managing IoT devices in the same way as other IT infrastructure such as servers, laptops and smartphones, from acquisition through to disposal.

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