Daizy is now part of the rubixx marketplace allowing units registered on the rubixx platform to become smart homes.  Smart homes through this connection bring an unprecedented level of interaction allowing your properties to communicate directly to the rubixx housing management system, automatically triggering events, compliance resets, works orders, welfare visits and helping organisations reduce costs and address fuel poverty within their client base.

IoT is an enabling factor for:

  1. Operational efficiencies
  2. Better and closer tenant relationships
  3. New tenant services

Housing Associations have long been looking for ways to access the undeniable benefits of IoT data to improve their business processes.  However, the path to access these improvements has been challenging for the following reasons:

  1. The IoT expertise required to deploy and maintain devices and keep costs of deployment and management of the IoT solution down to access the ROI’s on offer
  2. Remove complexity of the supply chain so that there is clear ownership of the individual components required and that they will work together seamlessly
  3. Avoid vendor lock in to enable choice, increase speed to market and ensure that all solutions are fit for purpose

Failure in these areas puts at risk successful long term digitisation strategies.

The rubixx housing management platform offers a no fuss, light touch, cloud-based solution with integration to all the most popular housing software modules on the market today.  This allows a single interface from which to manage your housing estate.

The rubixx marketplace is an area where rubixx customers can access new features and partner modules.  These modules are offered as a pre-integrated package making it simple for the rubixx customer to get started and benefit from the additional capability.

Daizy is the leading integrated IoT module in the rubixx marketplace allowing customers to access all the key benefits from IoT listed above, whilst avoiding many of the risks.  The Daizy platform is designed to enable real IoT in the enterprise to deploy and scale without adding operational cost into the client’s organisation.

Some of the key areas housing associations are benefiting is in reducing compliance and regulation costs. By focusing on these two key areas the housing associations are also seeing these additional benefits:

  • Improving tenant welfare
  • Protecting housing assets
  • Informing operation priorities
  • Innovating tenant services

Jade Edwards, Daizy Customer Success Manager, said “Exciting times lie ahead in the managed property market, it is critical that companies adopt new technology to stay relevant, and improve their service offer to the tenant.  IoT capability provided through the Daizy platform is an important first step, and our client base is a testament to that.”

Simon Reay, MD of Rubixx added “Integration is the future for all successful HMS providers.  This partnership with Daizy has allowed us to enhance our platform significantly and offer benefits not just to our HA clients but their tenants too.”

About Daizy Tech Ltd.

Daizy Tech Ltd is a privately held business providing a Platform as a Service solution for Enterprise IoT. Daizy makes it easy to design and deploy scalable IoT solutions and consume the data produced with minimum IT effort. An open platform, for the Internet of Things, allowing you to manage the device throughout its lifecycle and keep all your data in one place.

The Daizy Aware programme enables device vendors to participate in an open ecosystem of solution providers and application developers by certifying their hardware support in the Daizy platform.

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About Rubixx

Rubixx supplies cloud hosted, web based housing and finance software to the social housing sector with an open API platform allowing integration of best of breed products to fit the needs of the landlord and their residents.  Rubixx applications include a marketplace of integrated vendors who already work with the platform allowing customers to choose pre integrated bolt on solutions.

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