The Daizy platform now supports all variants of the Wavetrend Water Temperature Monitor, allowing easy project, device and data management for all Daizy customers looking for LP-WAN hardware for Legionella monitoring applications.

The Wavetrend Water Temperature Monitor SD01 is available in LoRaWAN and Sigfox variants and is being incorporated into healthy water management systems by partners in Facilities Management and water safety/hygiene across numerous sectors including nursing and care homes, hospitals offices, schools, universities and social housing.

Wavetrend SD01

The fit-and-forget device has up to three pipe-clip sensors, each of which can be configured to monitor hot, cold or blended water outlets, or hot and cold-water cylinder flow & returns.  The device also captures ambient temperature and reports the number of compliant and non-compliant outlet events on a daily basis.  In addition, the device can be configured to alert when water is liable to scald, and when the pipe temperature drops low and may freeze.

Becoming Daizy Aware means that Wavetrend devices are available in the Daizy ecosystem of end customers, solutions providers and channel partners expanding Wavetrend’s reach and allowing simplified and standardised access to the Wavetrend product value. 

Daizy customers are able to:

  • Manage device inventory flexibly
  • Deploy simply with no prior IoT training required
  • Assign a configuration to a device position, and have the installed device automatically adopt that configuration
  • Define alerts and events based for water temperature data
  • Trigger actions into existing systems to fully automate business processes
  • Consume data and combine with other Daizy Aware sensors to obtain a holistic situational view by location, business function or other filter
  • Manage and monitor deployed devices in-life, including for battery replacement
  • Purchase and configure network connectivity for Sigfox or LoRa WAN

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