London, March 2021: The IoT platform provider, Daizy Tech Ltd., and the end-to-end IT service provider, Bell Integration Ltd., are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement. The agreement will transform the ease and scale of IoT deployments, allowing Bell Integration and its clients the opportunity to access the potential of IoT at scale.

Partnership Highlights:

  • Bell Integration has signed a master services agreement with Daizy Tech Ltd (Daizy);

  • The partnership will allow Bell to expand its connectivity to a much larger range of IoT devices via the Daizy Aware program, with integration into Bell’s world-leading service architecture;

  • The agreement affords Bell Integration a simplified and cost-effective standard

    approach to the deployment and management of any IoT service;

  • The Daizy platform delivers the end-to-end lifecycle of IoT services from project design and deployment, through the in life monitoring and management and responsible end-of-life disposal as a core component of Bell’s AI driven service architecture;

  • Bell will be engaging with Daizy Aware projects in the coming months.

Based on the nature of IoT and the need to support large numbers of different devices from multiple manufacturers, as well as potentially large numbers of physical devices, locations and configurations, Bell has identified that the Daizy IoT platform provides an ideal solution within the deployment, connectivity and management for its IoT engagements and will be a core component of new IoT services in the future.

Through the Daizy IoT deployment and management platform, Bell Integration will be able to scale projects both in volume and diversity of devices and applications. All of Bell’s client projects will benefit from a standardised best-in-class approach to project design, deployment network provisioning and in life management, irrespective of the chosen IoT hardware or network communication technology, all wrapped in an AI-based Bell service to drive speed and quality of services.

By ensuring all IoT data is contextualised into a single data lake on behalf of the client, Bell Integration can offer flexible access to data, publishing into the client’s existing business systems and processes across any use case.

The partnership with Daizy will:

  • Reduce the project set up and installation burden for any IoT-enabled project allowing existing and future projects to scale more efficiently.
  • Enhance Bell Integration’s ability to monitor and respond to issues and events, managing low-cost IoT devices to the same level of service management as traditional IT and datacentre equipment.
  • Standardise the approach to installing, managing and maintaining IoT devices in the field using the Daizy Mobile App for iOS and Android, reducing the operation support costs for field service.
  • Enable end clients of Bell Integration to build their data assets in an accessible and uniform way, allowing for greater analysis and insight generated through Machine Learning and advanced analytics.
  • Enable Bell to develop standard AI automations against multiple device types to reduce overall service costs, which can be passed on to clients.

Bell Integration’s Chief Technology Officer, Stuart McMinn, said: “When approaching the IoT market, we knew our customers would demand a flexible, open and agnostic capability from Bell to deliver and manage IoT projects and that delivering through a standardised approach would enable us to price our solutions in a way that real world ROIs can be recognised.

We are delighted to partner with Daizy to expand this capability through certified partners under the Daizy Aware program. We look forward to working together to secure new customers who want to deploy IoT as a means of improving business productivity and enhancing customer service.”

Daizy CEO, David Ffoulkes-Jones, said: “It is only by making the deployment, management and the access to data super consumable that IoT-enabled services will deliver on their huge potential. This partnership with Bell allows end clients to engage in a supply chain that can provide turnkey solutions with a single point of contact, which in our view is precisely what this market has been missing.

We are very excited to be part of this next phase of IoT growth driven by Bell’s solution management capability. ”

About Daizy Tech Ltd.

Daizy Tech Ltd is a privately held business providing a Platform as a Service solution for Enterprise IoT. Daizy makes it easy to design and deploy scalable IoT solutions and consume the data produced with minimum IT effort. An open platform, for the Internet of Things, allowing you to manage the device throughout its lifecycle and keep all your data in one place.

The Daizy Aware programme enables device vendors to participate in an open ecosystem of solution providers and application developers by certifying their hardware support in the Daizy platform.

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About Bell Integration Ltd.

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