As the IoT ecosystem evolves, so does it’s complexity. That’s why it’s critical to have the right partners and technology in place to ensure your IoT solution will be viable from the get-go and long into the future.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a managed service provider to deliver your IoT requirements, here are six technology focused reasons you should insist they use Daizy:

1. Protocol translation

By acting as a bridge between the myriad of IoT devices, protocols, and systems, Daizy has inbuilt protocol translation capabilities, Daizy supports all standard IoT protocols including MQTT, CoAP, HTTP, and more.

Support for multiple IoT protocols ensures seamless interoperability, communication and data exchange among devices and applications, and reduces the development burden require to support current and future protocols.

2. Data transformation and normalisation

Daizy decodes device data and makes it available in a normalised format, regardless of device. Daizy can handle data in different formats, units, or structures and transform them into a standardized format or schema. This enables seamless data integration and interoperability, allowing different applications and systems to understand and use the data effectively.

3. API management and integration

Daizy provides a RESTful API, allowing easy integration with existing systems and applications. In addition to enabling access to device and project data, the API also provides access to all Daizy features, including device alerts, project management and much more.

By utilising the Daizy API, service providers have a single integration point for connecting IoT services with other software systems, databases, or third-party applications.

4. Data routing and orchestration

Daizy acts as a centralized hub for IoT data routing and orchestration. It receives data from various devices and sources, and based on predefined rules or logic, it routes the data to the appropriate destinations or applications. This capability ensures that data flows efficiently across the IoT ecosystem, enabling integration and interoperability between different components of the solution.

5. Integration with legacy systems

Daizy offers integration capabilities with legacy systems, allowing organizations to leverage their existing infrastructure investments and reduce the friction of migrating to a digital first strategy.

By connecting with legacy systems through APIs, connectors, or adapters, Daizy enables seamless data exchange and integration with older technologies. This integration enables organizations to modernize their operations without the need for a complete overhaul of their existing systems.

6. Ecosystem integration

Daizy can integrate with various third-party systems, platforms, and services, creating a rich ecosystem of integrated solutions. It can connect with cloud services, data analytics platforms, enterprise software, or other IoT platforms, enabling organizations to leverage additional functionalities and extend the capabilities of their IoT deployments.

This integration enhances interoperability and opens up possibilities for advanced analytics, automation, and business intelligence.

Whether you engage with an MSP that is already using Daizy, or you engage directly with Daizy to provide the foundation for your MSP to build on, you can be  confident in the near and long term viability of your IoT implementation.

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