This summer Daizy, an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) company, partnered with Bournemouth University to support student development and provide opportunities for them to gain experience in a real-world environment. This partnership bridges the gap between academia and the tech industry, providing students with a fantastic opportunity to gain practical experience in the world of IoT technology.


The collaboration centred on students producing ‘how-to’ videos for the Daizy IoT Management Platform. These videos serve as effective tools to showcase the company’s innovations to a wider audience, while also helping new users get the most from the product. By involving students in this process, Daizy not only benefits from fresh perspectives and creative talent, but it also offers students real-world project experience. As a result, the students have enhanced their portfolios and boosted their career prospects in the tech industry.

This partnership between Daizy and Bournemouth University is all about nurturing talent and building the future of technology locally in Dorset. This collaboration demonstrates the positive impact for tech companies to actively engage with higher education, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that benefits both the company and the university, while offering students a unique pathway into the tech world.