Daizy now supports HBI Lighting’s innovative range of automated LoRaWAN emergency lights

Organisations involved in property management will be all too aware of the compliance requirements for emergency lighting in commercial and multiple occupancy premises of all sizes. In the UK and Europe it is a legal requirement to test emergency luminaires on a regular basis – functional testing is typically performed on a monthly basis along with an annual test to ensure the battery performs for the appropriate duration. 

Monthly visits to each emergency light can prove a costly exercise. For a small to medium sized building, including travel time, it could cost over £200 a year to test each individual light fixture.

Devices from Daizy’s latest partner mitigates the need for site visits. HBI Lighting provide a range of emergency luminaires including bulkhead, floodlight and emergency signage fixtures, all of which can be remotely tested via LoRaWAN.

Each luminaire can be configured for autonomous testing, and can report results on a monthly basis. Testing can also be remotely triggered to test at an appropriate time – for example where a light is in a movie theatre, the test would be performed out-of-hours.

Richard Norrris, CTO at Daizy commented:

“For an electrician, an HBI luminaire is installed in the same way as any other emergency light, with no specialist training required. A quick scan of the barcode with the Daizy mobile app is all that’s required for the device to connect, and for ongoing testing to be enabled.”

“Daizy provides the tools for the secure registration of lighting equipment, scheduling of installation and battery maintenance as well as the full dataset of test result evidence.  Where a luminaire fails a test or stops communicating, the Daizy platform will automatically notify the appropriate operational party”.