Smart CT clamps are now available in Daizy

We’re excited to announce support in Daizy for two new devices that simplify the process of installing and maintaining energy monitoring solutions.

Milesight CT10X

Vutility Hotdrop

LoRaWAN Smart Current Transformer (CT) clamps from Milesight and Vutility attach to an electrical circuit, providing one-second interval sampling and accumulated amp hour consumption data.

Simple installation

Identify the electrical circuit and scan the QR code with the Daizy mobile app.  Fitted in seconds, Daizy will register the clamp on the LoRa Network Server and configure the device with a downlink.

All data is tagged with the circuit reference, making the data reliable and easy to consume.


Fit and forget – no batteries required

The clamps harvest a minimal amount of energy from the cable, which is enough to communicate over LoRaWAN.  They operate unattended on an indefinite basis.

Part of an energy ecosystem

With a range of cable and load sizes, the clamps support single phase and three phase monitoring for both residential and commercial applications.

Daizy Partners offer a range of applications for ESG energy monitoring, zero-carbon retrofit, micro-generation, demand response and other energy management solutions.

Installing a Milesight WS523 Smart Socket in your Daizy project can provide a simple voltage reference to combine with data from clamps to deliver kWh consumption reporting.

Whether you’re running a small indoor LoRaWAN gateway or covering a large metro area with an outdoor system, your gateways are monitored and managed in Daizy, with fast secure setup and fault alerting.

Need MID-certified energy metering?  Daizy also supports a range of LoRaWAN and NB-IoT meters for electricity, gas and water as well as connectivity from existing Modbus and mBus meters for sub-metering and tenant billing applications.


Please get in touch to find out more!


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