Connected Inventions devices are now Daizy Aware, which means that any Daizy customer can:

  • Select Connected Inventions devices from the Daizy device catalogue
  • Configure the devices within a project
  • Connect the devices to a network
  • Consume the data alongside all other data sets
  • Manage the in-life performance of Connected Inventions devices

Connected Inventions’ range includes devices that can log multiple sensing metrics covering carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity, indoor air quality (TVOC) particulate matter (PM), occupancy/movement, asset tracking and pressure difference meter for indoor building ventilation and air conditioning measurements. Wireless connectivity is via Sigfox.

If you’ve got a device, you’d like to add to the Daizy platform, or you’d like to find out more about the Daizy Aware program, please get in touch.