IMBuildings devices are now Daizy Aware, which means that any Daizy client has the option to select IMBuildings devices from their device catalogue, configure the device within a project, connect the device to a network, consume the data alongside all other data sets, and manage the in-life performance of the device.   


IMBuildings produce devices for IoT for smart building monitoring. Specialized in low power people counting and comfort sensing products for system integrators using LPWAN either LoRaWAN or NB-IoT. 

The IMBuildings produce range includes: 

  • People Counting – Get insights about how a building is utilized by keeping track of people flow and occupancy 
  • Comfort Sensor – Measure indoor comfort by monitoring CO2, temperature, humidity and presence 
  • Various feedback and alert buttons – Get feedback and action triggers from users 

Applications include: 

  • Climate Control, Workspace management, Maintenance automation, Covid-19 return to work 

The opportunity for Business Process Automation in the Enterprise is huge, and IoT will be a key enabler.  To allow this to happen, a choice of device and network, and a simple consumable way to deploy, maintain and then consume data is critical.  The Daizy platform provides this and along with the Daizy Aware programme developing the choice in Devices, Apps, Networks this will help unlock the potential of Enterprise IoT.  

If you would like your device to become Daizy Aware; or if you want to know how to enable your application with Daizy aware devices; or you just want to automate your business processes with live data please contact us: 

About IMBuildings 

With over 20 years of experience in the research and development of Sensor Technology, IMBuildings has developed Sensors that can provide information regarding specific measurements, such as air quality, acoustic levels, energy consumption, and the duration of a certain activity. 

About Daizy Tech Ltd. 

Daizy is the open IoT platform for Enterprise.  We help you unlock the smartest version of your organisation, now and in the future. Our platform is horizontal and open, so it grows with you – no device, network or application lock-in. 

For organisations that want to run (and grow) smart initiatives or create smart applications using insights from large volumes of sensor data.  Daizy takes the pain out of deploying, managing and scaling smart IoT projects.