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IMBuildings is Daizy Aware

IMBuildings devices are now Daizy Aware, which means that any Daizy client has the option to select IMBuildings devices from their device catalogue, configure the device within a project, connect the device to a network, consume the data alongside all other data sets, and manage the in-life performance of the device

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Elsys Sensor

ELSYS products are now Daizy Aware

The ELSYS device range is now fully Daizy Aware.  This ensures that Daizy clients can now select ELSYS products, configure, deploy and connect to the Daizy LoRaWAN® service.  All through a single interface of the Daizy Platform or any partner service.  Daizy is built with the single purpose of unlocking the potential of IoT in the

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Daizy LoRa Network Service

Daizy Launches Global LoRaWAN Network Service

Daizy announces its global LoRaWAN Network Service, enabling Enterprises to quickly deploy LoRa Gateways and activate LoRaWAN devices using the Daizy Mobile App. LoRaWAN plays an important role in the connectivity mix for low-power IoT.  The technology is ideally suited to organisations deploying large numbers of sensors in a single building

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Water Tap

Wavetrend Water Temperature monitor is a Daizy Aware device

The Daizy platform now supports all variants of the Wavetrend Water Temperature Monitor, allowing easy project, device and data management for all Daizy customers looking for LP-WAN hardware for Legionella monitoring applications. The Wavetrend Water Temperature Monitor SD01 is available in LoRaWAN and Sigfox variants and is being incorporated into

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New build homes

Daizy brings IoT enablement to rubixx housing customers

Daizy is now part of the rubixx marketplace allowing units registered on the rubixx platform to become smart homes.  Smart homes through this connection bring an unprecedented level of interaction allowing your properties to communicate directly to the rubixx housing management system, automatically triggering events, compliance resets, works orders, welfare

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Simble signs agreement with UK-based IoT company Daizy Tech

Simble to expand its ability to manage IoT devices, network connectivity and data processing for its customers Key Highlights Simble has signed a master services agreement with UK-based Internet of Things (IoT) company Daizy Tech Ltd (Daizy) The partnership will allow Simble to expand its connectivity to a much larger

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