Creating smart places with the Internet of Things

Data has become key to the delivery of services to citizens, constituents, residents, tenants and all other stakeholders in the smart economy. Low-cost, low-power devices allow municipalities and other government organisations to capture new types of data at scale, however many are sleep-walking into a situation where they have a patchwork of fragmented, unscalable solutions. They haven’t anticipated the issues because they haven’t been asking the right questions:

•How will we manage the data from 100 devices, let alone 50,000?

•How will we manage the devices themselves?

•How will we integrate all our different networks and vertical solutions?

•How will we turn coded data into clear insights?

•How will we combine data across projects to uncover the connections that fuel real innovation?

•How will we publish data openly to external stakeholders, citizens and for academic research?

•How will we build IoT-enabled applications that scale with our organisation?

Daizy enables the smartest version of an Organisation

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Dealing with devices

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Dealing with data

Data silo

Collecting siloed datasets

Connecting data

Connecting and uncovering insights

Data analysis

Relying on data analysis and human action

Smart actions

Automating smart actions

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Patchworking vertical intranets

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Scaling an open enterprise IoT

Daizy is the open IoT platform for Enterprise

Daizy helps you unlock the smartest version of your organisation, place, buildings or assets, now and in the future. Our platform is horizontal and open, so it grows with you – no device, network, data or application lock-in. Whether you’re running a few smart projects or becoming a whole smart enterprise, Daizy scales where other platforms fail.

This is where the smart economy scales: Daizy, the open IoT platform for enterprise.

To find out more about the work we’re doing for smart places, energy management, net-zero carbon, air quality and more, please get in touch.