Making devices smarter

Today’s enterprise IoT market is complex and immature. This complexity often drives device vendors to implement a proprietary cloud platform and front end application to ensure a viable route to market. While this works for early use cases, enterprises increasingly want a single data set and ‘single pane of glass’ across all IoT use cases, meaning device-specific platforms and applications are increasingly marginalised.

With Daizy, your hardware can participate in this horizontal engagement. We take an open and agnostic approach to device hardware and connectivity. By integrating with Daizy you can promote your device to a growing number of application developers, solution providers and end user organisations.

Daizy Aware

The Daizy Aware program is our mechanism to support your device. By sharing information around the device payload structure, management and configuration options, we can onboard the device and make it available to any Daizy customer.

This process is provided free of charge to our licensed platform customers.

Bundled connectivity & management

For device vendors looking to provide a turnkey solution, Daizy can provide the connectivity and cloud management for your proposition.

With options to bundle European or worldwide network subscriptions and secure integration to network operators, we solve the setup challenges once so your customer doesn’t have to. Simply activate the device and configure how the data is published.


For hardware providers looking for an ongoing annuity revenue stream, Daizy provides the perfect fabric to deliver the device as a service. Bundle hardware, connectivity and cloud management for a single annual fee, with an opportunity to make a margin on the service elements.

To find out more about opportunities to promote your device through Daizy, please get in touch.