Scale applications with Daizy

The Internet of Things plays a key roll in Enterprise digital transformation.

There’s a huge wave of data coming for every kind of business. Enterprise IoT is an increasingly complex solution to provide. It requires a wide range of data points to build the kind of data asset that can turn an enterprise into a smart enterprise.

This requires a new kind of Enterprise IoT platform.

A platform that acts as a single point of integration between solution providers and the constituent parts of every IoT solution.

A platform that takes away the headache of IoT solution delivery by providing simple, effective plumbing.

Write once, delivery many

By integrating your application with the Daizy platform you get immediate support for a large and ever-growing set of devices. Data abstraction around a standard ontology means that you application will support new devices without needing to be updated.

An ecosystem of partners

Daizy works with customers and partners across the supply chain, from network operators to device vendors, solution providers and system integrators.

By integrating your application with the Daizy platform you can tap into this ecosystem.

To find out more about how to integrate your application with the Daizy platform please get in touch.