Agricultural Monitoring

Monitor the quality and status of agricultural land and assets

Sensing metrics

Ambient & Ground Temperature

Soil Moisture Level

Ambient Humidity

Nitrate and Phosphate testing




How it works

Capture of key data points including:

  • Determine if the soil has optimum moisture content
  • Whether ground and ambient temperatures are within target thresholds
  • Water levels in rivers with local catchment
  • Consumption of river water for irrigation purposes
  • Automated and remote Nitrate and phosphate testing


Minimise environmental impact including over extraction of water from rivers. Identify soil and moisture related issues and implement mitigating factors before issues such as blight occur.

Comply with nitrate and phosphate testing and environmental regulation without the overheads associated with manual testing.

Use data points to develop crop or livestock specific monitoring, while layering in many additional sensing metrics across the farm environment including land, buildings, vehicle and more.






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