Driven by a common vision

Passionate people will drive innovation that makes our world better. Innovation requires data to take the guess work out of decisions. Access to meaningful data will be simple and safe.


Daizy will enable the world to deploy IoT devices in a responsible way, to consume and co-opt the data they generate for the betterment of the world.

We believe in an open Internet of Things

The global market for IoT is expected to double to over $520B by 2021, yet right now there are significant barriers to entry for technology solution providers.

Daizy Tech Ltd (Daizy) was founded in May 2018 to remove the barriers and enable the potential of the IoT market place.

Daizy is Headquartered in Bournemouth, England where there is a thriving technology community.

Leadership Team

All of the Daizy Team have a strong history in building software as a service platforms, and are driven to remove the complexity of IoT making it accessible to everyone.

David Ffoulkes-Jones
An experienced executive David was a founding member and CEO of WDS. WDS was a device provisioning and support business operated as a platform serving the mobile industry globally. With offices in all the major markets world wide David exited the company in 2012 to Xerox Inc.
Leon Tatlock
An innovation and technology evangelist, Leon has spent over ten years developing and investing in solutions that instigate societal betterment. As a tech start-up community leader Leon founded Daizy in 2018, connecting a founding team with a proven track record delivering data driven products on a global scale, to fully realise the vision.
Nick Gyles
Nick brings over 20 years’ experience building technology in wireless telecommunications and consumer applications. As CTO of WDS, Nick was part of the Executive Team that exited the business to Xerox Inc. in 2012, becoming Practice Head for Xerox’s Next Generation Customer Experience, leading programs of work on AI and conversational automation with Xerox PARC. Nick span WDS back out as a standalone business in 2017, growing it significantly before joining the Daizy Executive team in 2019.
Mark Piper
With a passion for pragmatic but disciplined software development, Mark has worked in and managed agile development and technology operations teams for 20 years, most recently serving as CTO at WDS