Smilio S – 4 smileys – RC1


Smilio S – 4 smileys – RC1

Real-time monitoring of customer experience: with its four connected buttons, the Smilio S terminal can be used to conduct continuous surveys “on the spot”, in all sorts of public spaces.

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Unique benefits combining simplicity and performance:

 Dual mode Sigfox / LoRaWAN wireless technology. No wifi, no 3/4G, no infrastructure work required before installation
 “Proof of Presence” Technology:  integrated magnetic sensor for staff time-stamping 
 Buttons without moving parts + antibacterial treatment = record hygiene and durability 
 Up to 6 years battery life (not included – on quotation) 
 Inopportune voting filtration system 
 Remote configuration via Downlink 
 Indoor or outdoor installation (IP65). Resistant to temperatures from -25°C to +70°C 

Technical specifications:

Material: antistatic and anti-UV ABS polymer
Box color: white
Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 35 mm
Weight: 400g with batteries
3 LED lights for the confirmation of votes
Battery type: 3,6 V AA Lithium Thionyle Chloride
Antibacterial treatment applied to all our standard terminals (optional for customized terminals)
Made in France and CE certified

Create the Smilio that fits your needs!

Keypad customization to your image: colours, logo, legends of buttons…
Special treatments against bacteria, UV-light, scratches
Wide range of displays: floor, wall, counter (all types of fixation: double-sided adhesive, screws, anti-slip pads), poster holders, etc.

Data access: flexibility and simplicity

Through our API: your data directly sent in your information system
Integration and restitution in your business softwares or specific applications
Data visualization in standard or customized dashboards (Google Data Studio)
Email/SMS alert systems





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