Smilio A – 3 Smileys – RC1


Smilio A – 3 Smileys – RC1

Smilio A “3 Smileys” is a satisfaction terminal which allows to collect customer feedback in real time.

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Smilio A / 3 Smileys is a device composed of 3 connected buttons which allow to interact in real-time with customers in order to know their satisfaction level.   In case of dissatisfaction or malfunction, an alert can be sent by SMS in order to trigger, for example, the intervention of a technician. Thanks to an integrated badging system, Smilio is able to time-and-date staff interventions (Proof of Presence).  

 Unique benefits

 Dual mode Sigfox / LoRaWAN™ wireless technology. No Wi-Fi, 3G, or Ethernet. No infrastructure work required to install it. 
 Remote configuration via Downlink. 
 “Proof of Presence” Technology: integrated magnetic sensor for staff time-stamping. 
 Up to 6-years battery life  
 Indoor or outdoor installation. 
 Robust and firmly secured (vertical or horizontal fixations). 
 Buttons without moving parts + antibacterial treatment = record hygiene and durability. 
 Inopportune voting filtration technology. 
 CE certification. Data and operations security. 
 Customization: number of buttons, colors, special treatments against bacteria, UV-light, scratches. 

Technical specifications

Material: antistatic and anti-UV ABS polymer
Box color: white
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 45 mm
Weight: 200 g without batteries
3 LED lights for the confirmation of votes
Battery types: 3,6 V AA Lithium Thionyle Chloride
Hermetic (IP65) and resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to +60°C).
Designed and made in France





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