Notio – E-ink Screen Survey Terminal


Notio – E-ink Screen Survey Terminal

E-ink Satisfaction Terminal with Machine Learning and IoT interactions.

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From latin word notio, « To get to know».

-> Change the question remotely and get the spontaneous reaction from your customers or employees.
-> Dynamically cross the data collected with your other survey systems (e-mailing, questionnaires, ipad) or other connected objects (temperature, humidity…)
-> Get to know your customers and employees through automated survey scenarios: the Notio terminal incorporates artificial intelligence that listens in real time the voters and chooses the most relevant questions and scenarios of questions.
Available in 3 versions : Stand, Desk or Wall mounted

3min setup, no cables needed.
Technical characteristics : 
– 1  E-Ink screen,13 inches Displays the question + additional information.

Does not need to be plugged with 6 month autonomy,  7h recharge, remote maintenance.
– 1 smiley device which collect votes in real time, sends alerts and has an integrated badging system for quality control.






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