Lorawan gateway GW-01


Lorawan gateway GW-01

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GW-01 is low cost OpenWrt/Armbian driven LoRaWAN gateway development board.

GW-01 gateway consists of two boards: OrangePi Zero H2+ 256Mb development board and SX1301 based board that implements LoRa physical interface. All together is 8 channel LoRaWAN gateway (concentrator).

GW-01 goes with pre-flashed OpenWrt image in onboard SPI-NOR flash IC. Onboard 2 MB flash IC replaced with 8 MB because OpenWrt image fits in that volume.

Official LoRaWAN software (lora-gateway and packet-forwarder) implements functionality of LoRaWAN gateway. GW-01 comes with pre-flashed OpenWrt image so device ready to be launched “out of the box”. Getting started user guide explain how to run gateway. But if you want to implement additional functionality you can compile OpenWrt or Armbian image with your packages added to it.

Developers guide explains step by step how to compile OpenWrt and boot it from onboard flash IC or microSD card. Also you can compile and boot Armbian from microSD card.

OrangePi Zero is not officially supported by OpenWrt so we ported it. OrangePi Zero patch for OpenWrt available to download along with developers guide.

Gateway GW-01;

868 MHz antenna;

Micro USB charger;

Ethernet cable;

Temperature range from 0°C to 70°C;

Power supply 5 VDC;Sensitivity: -139 dBm;

Frequency 868 MHz;External antenna;Ethernet 10/100;

Dimensions 80х50х20 mm without antenna;

official LoRa alliance software implementing LoRaWAN protocol;

IC SX1301 ( 8 channel LoRa concentrator);

Range up to 2.5 км among the buildings, and up to 10 kilometers on open space.

All required sources and documentation can be found here: https://github.com/wireless-road/lorawan-openwrt


getting started guide for openwrt

getting started guide for armbian

armbian image to boot with microSDdevelopers

guide to build openwrt image

openwrt patch

developers guide to build armbian image



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