The CMi1020 is integrated into Landis+Gyr electricity meter E350, where
it converts meter data to the M-Bus protocol, controls rate inputs and
sends information to the display. This makes the CMi1020 an ideal choice
for meter room solutions, where meters are grouped together, but also
for tenant house associations with meters positioned in the apartments.

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Ready to use
The CMi1020 is easy to install without additional configuration
requirements in the field. Both primary and secondary addresses
can be used. The CMi1020 have access to all information in the
meter and presents it in a standard M-Bus telegram.
Standard open protocols
The standard open protocol design enables fast integration into
any M-Bus readout system.
The CMi1020 has a flexible design, which allows a wide range of customer
implementations. The CMi1020 can control up to four rate inputs and
can control meters with internal breaker for remote-controlled on and
off switches.
Cost effective
The integrated solution reduces the amount of equipment necessary in the
field, which lowers both installation and initial setup costs.



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