Cesens® Mini


Cesens® Mini

Sensing node for smart agriculture. Cesens® Mini is a simple, affordable and powerful way for monitoring your crops. Get in touch with your plants!

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Cesens Mini® is a simple low-cost sensing node with minimal maintenance requirements and a long battery life. It incorporates a small solar panel on the top so it  is not necessary to worry about replacing or recharging the battery.
Furthermore, Cesens Mini allows 4 sensors to be simultaneously connected and it is able to identify automatically the sensor connected to each of its sockets.
This device has been designed to support up to 11 different commercial sensors. It is possible to control multiple parameters such as:

Soil water potential
Soil volumetric water content
Leaf wetness
Temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure
Soil temperature
Wind speed and direction
Solar radiation

On the other hand, the system uses the Sigfox ultra-narrowband network for uplink and downlink communications. Moreover, it sends data to the Cesens® Cloud Platform, which processes them and produces added-value information like the risk of infection or the need of water.


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