Adeunis REPEATER RC1 Installation Kit


Adeunis REPEATER RC1 Installation Kit

Installation of your REPEATER Sigfox RC1 quickly & efficiently.

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Can be associated with any make/model of Sigfox Ready device
Self-powered with interchangeable battery pack
Range: up to 300m outdoor and 50m indoor
Several modes for setting the White List (locally through USB or remotely by a Downlink service)
Uplink service message repetitions (no downlink support for end-devices)

Facilitated implementation procedure

Micro-USB interface for device configuration
Dedicated software (Windows 10, Android 5.0) with a step-by-step procedure
A dedicated kit (2 Repeaters, 1 reference transmitter, USB OTG cables) is available to facilitate the installation process

Setting up the WhiteList:

Automatic recording

In this mode, every day the Repeater automatically selects the first 15 devices seen and repeats their messages. The list of repeated devices may therefore change daily.

Configuration via USB

Through the product’s USB port and the dedicated Repeater application.

Configuration via the network

Remote thanks to one or more downlink frames to send IDs.

The installation kit includes:

Hard case
Repeater (x2)
Reference transmitter
Micro-USB Cable
OTG Type-C USB Cable
OTG Micro-USB Cable
Quick Start Guide
Repeater fixation set (x2)
Repeater transparent bottom cover (x2)

Certification number


Daizy Aware

Life (years)





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