The Daizy platform fabric consists of a set of tools to manage devices, sites, connectivity, users, workflow processes and data.

Configure Network Access

The Daizy Network Manager handles the provisioning of devices on low-power wireless networks. Automatically provisioning access onto SigFox, LoRaWAN or a GSM / NB-IoT network. Daizy ensures the secure communication channel from the device to the Daizy cloud.

Manage and monitor devices

Make sure the device is effectively configured and sending data as expected. Ensure the device is working in life with keep-alive events and alerting

Orchestrate Data

Daizy delivers data from your devices into a single source of truth for your project.

All data is presented in a standardised way, whichever device was used to sense it.

Device tagging tied to the Daizy Aware device profile provides full data provenance. Understand when and where each piece of data came from, to what level of accuracy and reliability.

Co-opt useful data

Collecting data that might be useful for others? Daizy’s open architecture allows you to share your data in a secure way. You control who you want to share with, and on what terms.

Integrate with your systems

You retain complete control of your data through the Daizy APIs. Time-series data is published through the open standard MQTT specification to integrate into your existing application, dashboarding and analytics tools.