Your expertise, our infrastructure

Daizy solves the IoT integration challenges for a Solution Provider. We’ve already done the integration so you can focus on the value in your specific vertical, without spending time on the non-differentiated elements.

Daizy provides a horizontal IoT platform that makes it easy for you to build smart solutions and for your customers to use them.

We make it easy to create, manage and scale smart solutions with a platform that is open, end-to-end, and super-consumable.

Being horizontal means that as your customers roll out additional use cases your solution doesn’t become siloed. All data is housed in a single data set for the Enterprise and all devices are managed through the same toolset.

Participate in the Daizy ecosystem

  • Select the best hardware for your application, from any supplier.
  • Maintain flexibility, change hardware, dual source your supply.  All devices are managed in the same way.
  • Mix and match network technologies, with bundled connectivity on NB-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox, LoRa WAN and 4G.
  • Manage your client’s estate of IoT devices at any scale.
  • Schedule and manage field service activity, quickly embedding outsourced suppliers with the Daizy toolchain.
  • Quickly roll out solutions from a growing range of Application providers building on the Daizy platform.

Your Enterprise IoT solution with Daizy

The Internet of Things presents a huge opportunity across all enterprises, in any business vertical. Solution Providers that can capitalise on low-cost, low-power devices to provide previously unseen data can drive significant new value.

To find out more about how Daizy can deliver IoT data into your vertical solution, please get in touch.