Enabling scaled network deployments

Unblock the logjams in your customer pipeline

We hear from many organisations that enterprise IoT is stuck in eternal proofs of concept. Prototyping a solution with 10 devices is easy. Scaling it to 10 thousand or 10 million presents a very different set of challenges for an Enterprise.

Daizy provides an open IoT platform that takes the pain out of deploying, managing and scaling smart projects. Field service tools allow end user deployment without a large training burden.

As a horizontal platform Daizy can support any use case, allowing an Enterprise to deploy across multiple business areas with a single platform, with a common data set under their control.

We’re supporting network operators around the world with the roll out of their IoT proposition. We’ve already solved the key integration challenges so the end customer doesn’t have to.

We offer bundled connectivity opportunities, and access to an ecosystem of supported hardware and vertical business applications.

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