What is Enterprise IoT?

The Enterprise Internet of Things is a relatively new market segment, driven by the roll out of low-cost, low-power network technologies. Commercial network operators are offering solutions based on NB-IoT and LTE-M – both based on 4G/5G technologies but optimised for small amounts of data and long battery life. IoT-specific network operators such as Sigfox offer a global network using proprietary technology, and LoRa WAN takes an open approach to both commercial and private networks through the installation of gateway hardware.

At Daizy, we look at the IoT market as three distinct segments:

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Consumer IoT

Industrial Icon

Industrial IoT

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Enterprise IoT


Off the shelf

Custom, embedded

Off the shelf


Multiple use cases

Single use case

Multiple use cases

Number of device types




Customer Impact

Plug & play

Specific use case

Complex to deploy


Alexa, Nest, Hue

M2M, Telematics

Building Management

Every business has a huge data opportunity

All kinds of organisation, in every sector, are prospering by becoming smarter.

  • Enterprises are going through digital transformation
  • Cities are becoming smart places
  • Housing associations are optimising building management and safety
  • Energy companies are giving customers greater control of their consumption

Becoming ‘data-driven’ used to be a nice-to-have.

Today, it’s a make or break necessity.

Enterprise IoT: Untapped opportunity

The Enterprise IoT market is encumbered by complexity and the limitations of vertically integrated solutions failing to deliver on the promise of Smart Enterprises.

The Enterprise must become smart in the management and collection of data from across the business unlocking three clear economic benefits:

  1. Operational efficiency through process automation

  2. Better relationships with end customers through the sharing and interpretation of key data

  3. Business Innovation through the analysis of the total data asset enabling removal of redundant process, introduction of new business models, identify new product offerings.

Enter Daizy

Daizy solves these issues by:

  • Providing a single platform that integrates all aspects of the supply chain through a single management interface.
  • Device configuration and lifecycle management for any device, on any network, for any use case.
  • Connectivity subscription management, private network and gateway management.
  • Easy install and maintenance tools for field service.
  • Standardised, contextual data for build-once applications and analytics. A single data set for all IoT use cases, under your control.

Daizy is the open IoT platform for enterprise.  

Daizy helps you unlock the smartest version of your organisation, now and in the future. Our platform is horizontal and open, so it grows with you – no device, network or application lock-in. Whether you’re running a few smart projects or becoming a whole smart enterprise, Daizy scales where other platforms fail.

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