An exciting opportunity has arisen at Daizy, an innovative new technology startup.  We are a provider of IoT technologies, providing clients with a next generation IoT platform for deployment, management, data and tooling for IoT solutions. This is an exciting opportunity to join an expanding team in a technical and exciting role, working alongside an existing core team.



As part of our mission to make IoT “super consumable”, the Daizy Aware process identifies, models, tests and certifies compatibility of a wide range of IoT hardware with the Daizy platform. The Device Onboarding Engineer is responsible for executing this process.

The input to the Device Onboarding process is a backlog of IoT devices that customers wish to deploy as part of their IoT projects. The Device Onboarding Engineer will in the first instance investigate these devices and assess their suitability for onboarding. Working from device documentation, and in consultation with device manufacturers, the Engineer will create profiles within the Daizy platform for each device type, specifying various characteristics of the device (for example, the type of device, the networks that it uses and the data points that it generates).

Devices are modelled in the platform using Javascript functions to parse device payloads. The Device Onboarding Engineer is required to be competent in writing basic Javascript functions, and be able to understand simple binary data, including bit and byte level operations, hexadecimal notation, and text & numeric encoding schemes. IoT devices use a variety of protocols to communicate, so some familiarity with network concepts such as TCP/UDP, IoT radio protocols such as LoRa and Sigfox, and application layer protocols such as MQTT will be helpful.

Daizy receives physical hardware to onboard, and the Device Onboarding Engineer will be required to set up and configure devices to talk to the Daizy platform, using techniques such as NFC, Bluetooth and serial AT commands. A knowledge of terminal programs such as PuTTY for serial communications is desirable.

Once added to the platform, the Device Onboarding Engineer will test the device, either themselves or in collaboration with customers, to ensure that the device works as expected and produces data that is meaningful to customers. An ability to debug device and network issues, and an attention to detail to ensure that all use cases are covered will be important. 

The output of the Device Onboarding process is a device profile within the platform that can successfully receive and process device data from the required device, and knowledge that allows us to inform and guide customers on how to install and use the device. Post-onboarding, the Device Onboarding Engineer will help customers deploy and configure devices and provide advice on hardware that fits customer needs. A successful candidate will be confident working with customers and demonstrate a willingness to do independent research ensure they are informed on the state of the IoT market.


Essential Skills

  • Ability to organise and manage a pipeline of customer required devices
  • Writing basic Javascript 
  • Understanding of typical binary data structures, including bit and byte level operations, hexadecimal notation and numeric encoding schemes.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with customers and device vendors


Desirable Skills

  • Basic knowledge of hardware device configuration, including serial comms and AT commands
  • Knowledge of IoT related technologies and protocols, such as Sigfox, LoRa, MQTT, UDP/CoAP
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