Daizy Developer

An exciting opportunity has arisen at Daizy, an innovative new technology startup.  We are a provider of IoT technologies, providing clients with a next generation IoT platform for deployment, management, data and tooling for IoT solutions. We are looking for a Software Developer to join our team to help us deliver the platform’s core features.

This is an exciting opportunity to join an expanding team in a technical and exciting role, working alongside an existing core team.


The core of the platform is serverless, built with Typescript in AWS – experience of NodeJS is a must, and knowledge of Typescript is a bonus. Hands-on experience with AWS and specifically creating serverless applications using components such as Lambda, DynamoDB and API Gateway would be highly beneficial. The right candidate will demonstrate an ability not only to write application code, but also to architect robust, scalable and maintainable software systems in the cloud.

As well as serverless components, we make use of InfluxDB as a time series database, MySQL for our relational database, and Redis as a low-latency store. Understanding of time series data and data analytics would be useful.

We also build our web and mobile front-ends in Javascript – while we don’t expect you to be a front-end expert, we do expect all our developers to work across the whole stack when needed, so an appreciation of modern JS frameworks such as VueJS or similar is helpful.

We are fans of modern development practices that enable agility. All our code deployments are fully automated via Bitbucket pipelines, we practice test driven development, we release to production on a high frequency, and we use feature flagging to roll out new code early. Our favourite candidates will bring experience of these practices, as well as their own ideas. 

As a startup, we cover a lot of different areas from day to day – our ideal candidate will enjoy the opportunity to learn new things, try new technologies, share knowledge with the rest of the team openly and frequently, and to help other people to do the same. We want our developers to grow with the company, and we hope you’ll want that opportunity too.

We don’t expect our developers to come with knowledge of IoT or LPWAN technologies, but an interest  in or knowledge of things like Sigfox and LoRa – and the occasional chance to get hands-on with hardware and do some low-level bit-twiddling – would fit right in.

We are currently, and for the foreseeable future, based remotely, with occasional in-person meetups. Our preference is for someone to be within range of our Bournemouth office facilities, but this is not a must.


Essential Skills

  • Experience of building web applications in NodeJS and/or Typescript
  • AWS Serverless – Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, EventBridge, SQS etc.
  • Source control with Git


Desirable Skills

  • Time series data and analytics
  • Continuous Deployment enablers such as test driven development, deployment automation and feature flagging
  • VueJS or similar reactive front end framework
  • Experience with IoT technologies, specifically LPWAN (e.g. Sigfox, LoRa, NBIoT)
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